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quick, easy, nonsurgical skin  tightening

Throughout the course of our youthfulness, we enjoy an ample reserve of natural nutrients (collagen and elastin) which helps keep our complexion soft and youthful. As we age, this vital stock of nutrients begins to diminish, making certain areas of skin lose elasticity, which causes lines, wrinkles, and a sagging appearance. When the time comes that you would like to non-surgically tighten, elevate and reduce the visible aging of your skin, then you might consider RF (RadioFrequency) skin tightening at Universal Healing and Wellness. With us, you'll receive the state-of-the-art Accent Prime, noninvasive skin tightening to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, making possible to have firmer, healthier, youthful skin again. Dr. Ana M. Sierra de Aragon and her team in Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ are pleased to provide RF skin tightening as a quick, easy, nonsurgical option for men and women who would like to rejuvenate and smooth their skin.


RF Energy in Alma Accent Prime

RF skin tightening might be a great treatment if you don't want or don't qualify for certain cosmetic surgeries. RF energy application, featured in the Alma Lasers device called Accent Prime, creates focused, controlled heat at specific depths of tissue which stimulates collagen and elastin production. This can be applied on multiple areas of the face and body, including the skin on your stomach, neck, upper arms, and thighs. It just feels like a heated massage, but produces visible improvement in your skin.

What to expect

When you arrive for your treatment, we'll begin by thoroughly removing any makeup and lotion from the target areas. If you're not wearing make up, even better! After preparing your skin, your technician will smoothly pass the RF device over the targeted area multiple times for comprehensive results. Most individuals experience warmth and relaxation, with brief and manageable moments of overheating (if any). Accent Prime's RF technology stimulates your body's innate regeneration of nutrients and vitamins to firm and tighten the skin immediately and retain the improvement over time. For those struggling with droopy skin on the face or abdomen after losing several pounds of fat, this is an excellent solution. The greatest advantage of this machine is that it combines Ultrasound energy with RF to selectively burn fat (body contouring) and remobilize collagen fibers, easily reshaping your body.

Your session may take between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size and scope of the treatment area. After your treatment, the targeted regions of the skin may appear red or swollen and the skin may immediately feel tighter. However, these effects will likely go away within a day.

During your initial consultation at Universal Healing and Wellness, our team of experienced specialists will review the best techniques to care for your skin after your session. As you heal, it's important to use moisturizer and apply sunscreen. The majority of patients won't see results immediately after their treatment because collagen and elastin production is gradual, so you should expect to see your best results within a few weeks. Outcomes following RF skin tightening typically last for 6 months to a year, or longer if you take consistent care of your skin.

What Are The Benefits Of RF Skin Tightening?

RF skin tightening is a popular option at our Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ facility for a variety of reasons. While there are apparent benefits, such as less recovery time and no invasive scarring, there are some further benefits to this nonsurgical solution, such as:

  • Tones skin while also addressing normal signs of aging, lines, and wrinkles, and smoothing out complexion and facial appearance
  • Effective on a variety of skin types
  • Tightens many regions on the body, like the face and neck
  • Quick procedure time, generally not more than an hour
  • Results that last up to one year

Had a great experience with Jorge and his team. I came to try the EWOT bike and redlight therapy. The combination was powerful! The Exercise with Oxygen technology with live O2 is one of my favorite devices and Jorge does an excellent job of taking you through the experience and explaining each step of the way.

M.R. Google

I highly recommend UHW for all of your recovery needs! I am a big fan of the red light, as well as compression therapy. Equipped with a great training and coaching staff additional to the recovery, so many different benefits based on your needs!!

M. Google

I am overwhelmed at how knowledgeable and helpful Jorge and all the staff at Universal Health and Wellness have been for my family and me! They took a very serious tendon tear for my son and accelerated his healing process and he now has no pain and will not need surgery. I have been dealing with swelling and knee pain for the past year thinking it was genetics and just something painful I had to deal with . Thanks to his red light therapy, I am pain free and no swelling. The overall wellness and quality of health I am experiencing is better than I felt in my 20's. That's saying something as I just turned 50 and my body feels young and healthy to conquer new adventures I thought were lost to this old lady! Grateful and thankful can't begin to describe where I am at. I can't think of anyone that wouldn't benefit from their help. Quality of life is everything, and you are never too old to have the best quality of life you desire!

E.W. Google

Great technology and staff! Jorge and Rhonda are always tailoring to my needs to get results. As a service provider myself, I have noticed a great improvement physically and mentally in the past 3 months with my favorite treatment the Red Light Bed. I highly recommend this place!

J.A. Google

I started a membership and oxygen to improve my memory and focus. After a month I have noticed an improvement in my memory, a more positive outlook and noticeably less brain fog. I have also noticed a significant reduction in my chronic back pain, I have more energy during the day and sleep through the night. An overall improvement in my quality of life.

C.R. Google


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To keep your skin firm and tight, set up a consultation with our expert team in Gilbert or Scottsdale, AZ to learn more about RF skin tightening, an incredible noninvasive treatment with minimal downtime. This procedure addresses sagging skin, returning you to a youthful appearance. We invite you to contact Universal Healing and Wellness so our aesthetic specialists can design your personalized treatment plan for nonsurgical RF skin tightening.

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Can RF skin tightening be used in combination with other treatments?

Yes, RF skin tightening with the Accent Prime device at Universal Healing and Wellness can often be combined with other treatments to enhance overall results. It may be paired with body contouring or other noninvasive procedures for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Dr. Sierra de Aragon and her team will provide personalized guidance on what treatments can be safely combined to meet your goals.

How do I know if RF skin tightening is right for me?

Dr. Sierra de Aragon and her skilled team will conduct an initial consultation to determine if RF skin tightening is the right option for you. They will review your medical history, analyze your skin's condition, and discuss your aesthetic goals to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. The consultation allows the team to ensure that this nonsurgical procedure aligns with your unique situation.

What makes the Accent Prime device different from other RF skin tightening machines?

The Accent Prime device offers a unique combination of Ultrasound energy with RF technology. This allows selective fat burning (body contouring) and remobilizing collagen fibers, effectively reshaping your body. The device is state-of-the-art and provides a quick and easy nonsurgical solution for men and women in Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ. Its precise control of heat at specific depths of tissue stimulates collagen and elastin production, making it possible to achieve firmer, healthier, youthful skin.

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