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The brain is the most complex part of the human body. This organ holds intelligence, interprets senses and emotions, initiates body movement, and controls behavior and the living processes of breathing, temperature, and hunger. Many brain disorders stem from brain inflammation, preventing proper oxygenation for the brain. Our expert team at Universal Healing and Wellness in Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ can help you enhance brain performance with the advanced technologies of transcranial photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) and direct oxygenation. These procedures stimulate the neuron network in the brain to optimize brain function for people who have suffered traumatic events, degenerative diseases, and psychiatric disorders.

What Are the Benefits of Brain Optimization?

Brain optimization performed at Universal Healing and Wellness in Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ benefits individuals by providing the following:

  • Clear-focused thoughts
  • Improved memory
  • Better endurance
  • A stronger mindset
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • New neural connections

At Universal Healing and Wellness, we strongly believe any of our Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ patients qualify for brain optimization. After all, who doesn't want better brain functioning? However, you may be especially interested in this treatment if you experience frequent brain fog, forgetfulness, or resistance to new ideas and beliefs. Brain optimization is a cutting-edge technology that allows us to help better oxegenate your brain, leading to improved function, memory, and all-around processing. If you are tired of suffering from brain blocks, or are curious how much your brain can improve, contact our office today to set up a consultation.

Like photosynthesis in plants, PBMT converts different colors and wavelengths of low-level laser light into chemical energy for cells, penetrating the scalp and skull to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Using oxygen-enriched air from the LiveO2 machine is like super oxygenation for the brain; it elicits good therapeutic effects, including decreased inflammation, pain, soreness, better endurance, and improved mood and concentration. It optimizes the brain for better memory, mood, focus, reaction time, executive functions, and decision-making. At Universal Healing and Wellness, we combine PBMT with direct oxygenation to enhance the microcirculation technology of the brain. Brain optimization delivers results in a natural, noninvasive manner without harmful side effects.

After brain optimization treatment in Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ, you should feel a near-immediate release. Some of our patients liken this feeling to a fog lifting or weight being removed from their brain. There are no adverse side effects to this treatment and little to no downtime associated with brain optimization. Over time, you should notice an improvement in memory, increased cognition, and less blockages to problem-solving or idea processing. If you experience an increase in brain function but eventually notice a decline, you may be eligible for a touch-up appointment at Universal Healing and Wellness.

An amazing blend of technologies to increase circulation and oxygen in the body. Helped me immediately with shoulder, neck, and arm pain. Great people.

T.K. Google

In January 2022, I was diagnosed with Covid and treated appropriately by my wonderful doctor. However, I still wasn’t feeling better 2 weeks later and was diagnosed with Covid pneumonia. I was treated appropriately but my Oxygen saturations were still going into the mid 80’s accompanied by shortness of breath and extreme tiredness. I was very concerned about what my quality of life may look like. I am 75 years old and was still working as an RN. By the 3rd week I still was still not able to walk, without shortness of breath and dropping my oxygen saturations. My doctor suggested the High-Low oxygen treatments at her office along with the Covid recovery options. On January 30th, I had my first treatment. I was hopeful that it would work. That 1st week, and 2nd week left me exhausted and sleeping most of the afternoons after my treatments but I was not giving up!! . It now has been 2-1/2 months of treatments 3 times a week, never missing my appointments. I am so happy to report that I feel better than I have in years! I am hiking, playing golf, and exercising every day. As for the quality of my life, well, it’s fantastic! Thank you to Jorge and his wonderful team at Universal Wellness!! I am indebted to you!!! Thank you for coaching me, believing in me and helping me to get my quality of life back!!!!

R.G. Google


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Brain optimization techniques are backed up by scientific research. PBMT and oxygenation are known to stimulate healing, protect cells from dying, and improve blood flow and cell oxygenation. Schedule a consultation at our Gilbert or Scottsdale, AZ office to learn how the Universal Healing and Wellness team can enhance your brain performance and strengthen your memory.

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How often should I undergo transcranial photobiomodulation therapy for brain optimization?

The exact number of PBMT treatments needed may vary from patient to patient. During your initial consultation, our team at Universal Healing and Wellness will determine a customized treatment plan to meet your needs best. Follow-up appointments can also be scheduled as needed to maintain your results over time.

What does PBMT do to the brain?

PBMT can improve cerebral metabolic activity, as well as increase blood flow. Additionally, it can effectively reduce inflammation. These effects can then enhance brain activity for improved memory, clearer thoughts, and more.

What are some improvements I can expect after PBMT for brain optimization?

PBMT is ideal for oxygenating your brain. It can improve your memory, focus, and concentration. Additionally, it can allow you to think more clearly and alleviate brain fog.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.