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Universal Healing and Wellness offers support to athletes, all kinds of patients, and high achievers looking to improve natural healing, wellness, fitness, and endurance. Our noninvasive biophysics or biohacking technologies set a new standard for achieving and maintaining peak levels of energy, wellness, recovery, and performance. Our fitness and endurance programs reenergize and rejuvenate the body at the cellular level. We focus on recovery, fitness, and fat loss with our partners at Made-2-Move Performance to help you live your best life. To find out how our biohacks and coaching can help improve your overall health and wellness, schedule a consultation at our facilities in Gilbert or Scottsdale, AZ.

A candidate for fitness and endurance enhancements is an individual striving to maximize their physical capabilities and excel in physical activities. Biophysics and biohacking technologies are beneficial for athletes, professionals, and amateurs alike, as they can improve strength, speed, and stamina. It is also advantageous for individuals undergoing physical rehabilitation or recovering from injuries, as it aids in faster recovery and rebuilding of strength. Ultimately, a candidate for fitness and endurance enhancements is someone dedicated to optimizing their physical performance through the advancements offered at Universal Healing and Wellness.

Universal Healing and Wellness biophysics technologies produce several benefits for fitness and endurance enhancements, including:

  • Transforms the body
  • Enhances fat loss
  • Promotes strength gains
  • Relieves pain
  • Resets the mind
  • Speeds recovery

Our trained, experienced practitioners apply the following technologies and programs to enhance fitness and endurance goals:

Body Composition Scans – Measures the body's physical fitness, including metabolic rate, water weight, muscle mass, and body fat mass.

Fit3D – Tracks your fitness progress by monitoring wellness metrics, such as a body shape rating and waist circumference, to focus on specific body parts during fitness and training.

Laser Light Therapy – Delivers specific wavelengths of light at high-power levels as a safe, fast, noninvasive method to reduce pain, inflammation, soreness, and tension, stimulate healing, increase blood flow, and promote adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, a vital energy molecule.

Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) – Includes red light therapy and a whole-body light pod for improved joint function, enhanced nerve regeneration, increased energy levels, improved muscle performance, and enhanced soft tissue regeneration.

LiveO2 – Infuses oxygen-enriched air for oxygen training to increase endurance and optimize brain function, resulting in memory improvement, enhanced focus and concentration, and better overall physical performance.

BrainTap® Sound Healing and Meditation – Uses a headset that sends light and sound frequencies to produce incomparable brain fitness and achieve the right mindset through enhancing sleep so patients awaken rejuvenated and energized, reducing stress, and supporting mental stability.

BEMER PEMF Signal – Supports muscular health and optimizes performance by sending a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to deliver a therapeutic signal that stimulates blood vessels in the body, joints, and brain with patients emerging feeling energized, focused, and refreshed.

PRO SPORT Recovery Program – Maximizes recovery from injury and resets the mind and body using a matrix of neuroactivity to create new neural connections, prevent injuries, defeat burnout, and maximize performance.

Had a great experience with Jorge and his team. I came to try the EWOT bike and redlight therapy. The combination was powerful! The Exercise with Oxygen technology with live O2 is one of my favorite devices and Jorge does an excellent job of taking you through the experience and explaining each step of the way.

M.R. Google

I highly recommend UHW for all of your recovery needs! I am a big fan of the red light, as well as compression therapy. Equipped with a great training and coaching staff additional to the recovery, so many different benefits based on your needs!!

M. Google

I am overwhelmed at how knowledgeable and helpful Jorge and all the staff at Universal Health and Wellness have been for my family and me! They took a very serious tendon tear for my son and accelerated his healing process and he now has no pain and will not need surgery. I have been dealing with swelling and knee pain for the past year thinking it was genetics and just something painful I had to deal with . Thanks to his red light therapy, I am pain free and no swelling. The overall wellness and quality of health I am experiencing is better than I felt in my 20's. That's saying something as I just turned 50 and my body feels young and healthy to conquer new adventures I thought were lost to this old lady! Grateful and thankful can't begin to describe where I am at. I can't think of anyone that wouldn't benefit from their help. Quality of life is everything, and you are never too old to have the best quality of life you desire!

E.W. Google

Great technology and staff! Jorge and Rhonda are always tailoring to my needs to get results. As a service provider myself, I have noticed a great improvement physically and mentally in the past 3 months with my favorite treatment the Red Light Bed. I highly recommend this place!

J.A. Google

I started a membership and oxygen to improve my memory and focus. After a month I have noticed an improvement in my memory, a more positive outlook and noticeably less brain fog. I have also noticed a significant reduction in my chronic back pain, I have more energy during the day and sleep through the night. An overall improvement in my quality of life.

C.R. Google


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Our trained, experienced practitioners will curate a treatment plan that fits each patient's specific needs, medical concerns, and fitness goals. Contact our Gilbert or Scottsdale, AZ office, and schedule your initial consultation if you're interested in getting your mind and body back in great shape.

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Fitness and Endurance Enhancement FAQs

Q: What can a biohacking coach help me with?

A: A biohacking coach can provide guidance, support, and expertise in optimizing your health and performance through biohacking practices. They can help you identify areas of improvement, set goals, create personalized strategies, and provide accountability. They may assist with optimizing sleep, nutrition, stress management, exercise, supplementation, and other aspects of your life.

Q: How do I find a qualified biohacking coach?

A: When looking for a biohacking coach, consider their credentials, experience, and expertise in the field. Universal Healing and Wellness can help you consult with health and wellness professionals who specialize in biohacking, health coaching, and fitness and endurance enhancement.

Q: How long does it take to see results with biohacking?

A: The timeline for seeing results with biohacking can vary depending on the individual, their goals, and the specific biohacks being implemented. Some changes, such as improving sleep quality or dietary adjustments, may yield noticeable results relatively quickly. However, other biohacking interventions may require more time to manifest significant improvements. Consistency and patience are key when implementing biohacks.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.