What Are the Advantages of Brain Optimization Treatment?

By: Dr. Ana M. Sierra de Aragon


There’s no denying the critical role our brain plays in some of the most important natural functions and processes. From housing memories and knowledge to regulating physiologic systems to giving us unique personalities and emotions, the brain is a remarkable and integral part of our bodies. When the brain isn’t working its best, however, a person often feels like someone they scarcely recognize. To help enhance brain health and function, and help patients feel like themselves once again, the distinguished team at Universal Healing and Wellness in Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ perform advanced brain optimization and oxygenation treatments. Curious to learn more about how brain optimization treatment may be beneficial for you? Read on.

What is brain optimization treatment?

Brain optimization treatment is a completely nonsurgical, noninvasive therapy designed to enhance brain circulation and overall function. At Universal Healing and Wellness, our expert team utilizes transcranial photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) and direct oxygenation as components of a customized brain optimization treatment.

Who needs brain optimization treatment?

While almost anyone with concerns about their brain function may be eligible for brain optimization treatment, the therapy is most often used for patients who have suffered a decline in brain function, oxygenation, or circulation due to:

  • Traumatic event or injury
  • Psychiatric disorder
  • Degenerative disease (Alzheimer’s or dementia)
  • Depression
  • Parkinson’s disease

How does brain optimization work?

Brain optimization is noninvasive and offers a more natural approach for patients seeking to improve their cognitive functions. During treatment, low-level laser energy and oxygen-enriched air are delivered to the scalp, penetrating the skull to provide chemical energy for the brain’s cells, increase cerebral blood flow, and protect the cells against cellular death. This also improves microcirculation and can result in a number of improvements for the patient, including:

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Reduced pain and soreness
  • Better mood and demeanor
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • Increased endurance
  • Better ability to concentrate
  • Lower stress levels
  • Generation of new neural connections

How can I boost the results of brain optimization treatment?

To preserve, prolong, and support the results of your noninvasive brain optimization therapy, it is important to make a conscious effort to care for your brain health each day. Helpful tips and behaviors that can keep your brain working its best include:

  • Minimize stress
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Take brain-healthy supplements as directed
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stimulate your brain with word puzzles, math problems, and other challenges
  • Practice meditation and relaxation
  • Exercise regularly

How do I get started with brain optimization therapy?

If you believe that brain optimization therapy may be right for you, simply call Universal Healing and Wellness to schedule a consultation at our convenient locations in Gilbert or Scottsdale, AZ. Following a thorough evaluation and review of your health history and concerns, our providers will answer any questions you have, explain brain optimization treatment in further detail, and determine if you may be a good candidate for therapy.

Regain control of your life once again with brain optimization treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or you’re simply struggling with symptoms of depression, brain optimization therapy may help restore improved brain function and allow you to once again enjoy all that life has to offer. For more information on the benefits of brain optimization therapy, call Universal Healing and Wellness to schedule your private consultation today in Scottsdale or Gilbert, AZ.

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